3 Simple Ways to Feel Better and More Confident About Money

Money is one of those things that we sometimes hate to talk about. Especially when things may not be going well with our personal finances. 

We pick up a lot of beliefs and ideas from a young age that can shape how we feel around money, some of it may be more negative that we would like. Some of us even believing that money is the root of all evil.

According to society, how much money we have dictates how successful we are in life. This is simply not true! But it can really affect how we feel about ourselves. 

The truth is, all the outside pressures that we experience can start to create quite a bad feeling around money altogether. This can affect our relationships, friendships and the overall way we feel about life. 

Here are a few ways I have helped myself feel better and more confident about money during challenging times. 

#1 - Remembering that the current financial situation doesn’t have to be the future destination 

When we are in particularly challenging financial circumstances, we can start to feel that things will never change. We can give our power away to the situation. 

The key is to remember that we have the power to change our situation moving forward and that our current circumstances do not have to reflect our future. 

Thinking in this way helps us become more creative and solution orientated as we begin to open our minds to different possibilities.


Every time you feel that uncertainty creeping in, remember and tell yourself that your current financial situation is not permanent and you have the power to make change. 

#2 - Open up to somebody you trust 

Speaking about challenging financial times can be one of THE scariest things. We fear judgment and wonder if the person will think less of us.


But the more we keep things to ourselves, the more the negative emotions grow within us. Most of the time it is super helpful for the other person too, as they may be going through similar challenges. 

Choosing somebody that you trust to open up to, may help with getting things off your chest. Carrying a heavy load of worries to ourselves never does us any good. 

#3 - Don’t believe everything you think

Some of the thoughts that come up when we think about money are things that we have picked up from our childhood or people around us. They may not even reflect how we truly feel.


Every time an undesirable thought comes up around money, ask yourself - “Do I really believe this?” or “Do I want to continue believing this?”.


At this point we could think about what we would rather believe around the subject of money. Little by little, your perspective will begin to shift. 

It’s amazing how we can start to make small changes to help us feel better about money. 

Have you been using any other tools to feel better about money? Let us know in the comments below!

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