3 mistakes most people make when trying to get in top of personal finance management

I consider myself an experiment junkie when it comes to personal finances. I spent years trying out different things to get on top of my money after being so terrible with spending and saving. The paycheck would come in.. And somehow... Just somehow I would spend it all. 

And with nothing much to show for it, may I add. 
I will be honest. Most of my attempts at sorting my finances failed miserably… And it wasn’t fun at all. 

I tried so many different hacks. I felt like I was on to something and then ended up at square one again. Demoralizing to say the least!

After years of trial and error, I started to spot a pattern on where I was going wrong. I was able to see the mistakes I kept making. And I see so many others falling in the same traps.

If you have ever tried to get better at handling your money and not been successful at some point or another… Read on, because this is for you. 

#1 - An absence of a ‘Why’

When looking back at the times I kept failing with getting on top of my money… I noticed something that kept coming up. 

Every time I would end back at square one with running out of money for the month or blowing my budgets… I noticed something. 

I was disconnected from WHY I was trying to get my money on lock in the first place. 

For some reason, running out of money at the end of the month wasn’t my biggest motivator. It was WHY I wanted to stop running out of money for the month. 

I wanted to start saving for my future. Put money aside for investing. Actually having money available to go on trips away. Feel good about myself. 

Every time I disconnected from those reasons… I ended up back at square one again. There was just no real meaning I could connect to and it all felt like effort. 

And NOBODY likes effort! 

You’ve got to have a strong reason why you are working on getting your finances sorted. So many people miss this VITAL step and wonder why they don’t make progress.

What is your ‘why’ for getting on top of your finances?

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#2 - Trying to do it all at once

There is a famous quote that goes - “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

We make big changes one step at a time. 

When I first made the decision to become a pro at managing my money, I thought to myself “This is it! I am going to get my budgets sorted… Start saving… Start investing… Start….” 

I took a GIANT LEAP… Head first! 

I was trying to get so much done in a short space of time. 

And the truth is that some things may take practice and patience in order to bring about real changes. 

Being in a rush to make too many changes all at once was working against me. And I had no logical order to what I was trying to achieve with my finances. 

Jumping around from learning how to budget… To learn how to invest. I did not take things one step at a time. Instead, I tried to skip a few hundred steps, resulting in me becoming overwhelmed and confused. 

I know you’ve probably felt the same in your life when biting off more than you can chew, am I right?

The key is to take things one step at a time. And to start with the first logical step. 

#3 - Not having a system 

What I didn’t realise at the start was that ‘getting on top of my money’ was actually a handful of small financial systems I was trying to create in my life. 

I was doing things hap hazard and not actually putting rhythms in place to keep things going. I had no real system or schedule for being able to manage my budgets and spending. 

I saw it all as a collection of ‘things to do’. But what I later realised is that I needed to create a system that would ensure everything happened how and when it was supposed to. 

I was freestyling it. Which never worked in my favour. 

If you’re serious about getting your money in order for financial success, you’ve GOT to get your systems in place. 

Although it may all seem daunting to start with, getting on top of your finances is one of the most important gifts you could give yourself. 

Think about it… Would you rather keep feeling stressed out about money and miss out on the life you really want?

Or do you want to create a life where you feel secure, happy and in control? Able to experience the things you want in life and enjoy life for the adventure it truly can be. 

I chose the latter and have never looked back. 

If you want to stop making the mistakes most people make when trying to get their finances in order, here are 3 things for you to think about:
  1. Why do you want to get your finances sorted? What does it mean for you?
  2. Where will you start with it? What is the first logical step for you?
  3. What systems will you need to make sure things don’t fall through?


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