6 Underrated Summer Fashion Accessories You Need for Post-Quarantine Life

As we all continue to brave this COVID-19 quarantine together, summer is flying towards us. So too, hopefully, are public health and freedom. After months of economic and social stagnation, this summer will be bursting with life, activity, and joy. 

We’ve gathered up some of the most underrated summer fashion accessories that will save the day once we’re out in the world and trying to make up for months of solitude and lost time. 

Too often, people invest in fashionable pieces that don’t hold up to the wear and tear of summertime, so we’ve focused on finding the most aesthetic and functional fashion accessories for you. Trust us, these will be good for summer vibes and your wallet come summer 2020. 


Ultra high-quality sunglasses  

We’re all sick of staring at our living room walls. After months of being confined indoors, limiting our errands to only the most essential activities, and staying away from public recreational spaces, it’s bound to be a summer filled with endless hours outside. Sunglasses are the ultimate functional fashion accessory, and not the item to buy cheaply. 

Your eyes are actually quite delicate, and you depend on them to navigate the world every day. 

Invest in a high-quality pair of sunglasses with UV protection and comfortably dark lenses. We love sunglasses with natural materials and soft, neutral colors so that you can wear them with any outfit as aesthetic summer accessories. 

Our sunglasses picks are classic Ray-Bans.

Metal cardholders

These traditional wallet alternatives less well-known rather than underestimated, but we’re here to change that. Sleek, minimal, and durable, metal cardholders are one of the best investments you can make for your summer 2020 wardrobe. 

They are equal parts aesthetic and functional fashion accessories. With a thoughtful, stainless steel design, these cardholders are thinner, lighter weight, and much more compact than their traditional wallet counterparts. 

Plus, they’re much more equipped to handle today’s technology driven world with their RFID blocking abilities. This will keep your cards and personal information safe from identity theft as all of our public spaces become popular and crowded once again. 

A metal cardholder is actually a great chance to add a pop of color to your summer 2020 wardrobe, too. 

They come in playful, vibrant colors that will boost your mood and summer fashion accessories game. 

Our favorite is Card Genie’s ultra-durable metal cardholder. 


Apple watches are great for summer workouts, but they’re not exactly the most groundbreaking fashion statement. We’re fully in favor of functional fashion. accessories that help us unplug and unwind, and get the most out of every day. 

Changing out your smartwatch for a classic wristwatch will do just that. We’re all spending too much time staring at screens right now, and summer will be a time to reconnect with friends, family, and coworkers with meaningful in-person experiences. 

Ditch your Apple Watch for something minimal and modern like Nordgreen’s Native wristwatch. Your summer 2020 wardrobe will thank you for it. 


First of all, bucket hats are back. They fell flat for a moment, but we’ve welcomed them back with open arms. Bucket hats are playful, full of potential to pull off a bold pattern, and they protect your skin, eyes, hair, and neck from the sun during long adventure-filled days. Talk about a functional fashion accessory for your summer 2020 wardrobe. They are the perfect choice for a day off at the beach. Our picks are J.Crew’s classic navy bucket hat and Topshop’s pink bucket hat

Some other underrated summer fashion accessories? You can never go wrong with big, floppy hats. They’ve got a tendency to be overlooked because they’ve been around for so long, but they’re a timeless summer style. Perfect for reading on the beach, gardening, or going to brunch with friends, you can dress them up or down and they will always work. Big hats are a timeless summer fashion trend. 


Backpacks are versatile, functional, and, contrary to popular belief, fashionable when well designed. Carrying a backpack will allow you to have everything you need all in once place and within an arm’s reach at all times. Take it with you to the office in the morning and seamlessly to lunch dates, strolls in the park, friends’ flats, or restaurants after work. 

We love color blocking, canvas bags like these and simpler leather looks like these

Backpacks are perhaps the most game-changing underrated functional fashion accessory. 

Classic white trainers

Sandals and wedges are great, but they simply can’t withstand high levels of activity. And nothing is as iconic as a simple white trainer - they are one of the most timeless and functional fashion accessories you can add to your summer 2020 wardrobe. 

Getting yourself some classic white trainers will serve you all summer long. They’re crisp, clean, and comfortable. Give these Topshop trainers a shot. 

Cheers to a fashionable summer!


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