Travel Tips: 3 Ways to Use A Card Genie Minimalist Card Holder on Your Next Travel Adventure.

There’s something really incredible about traveling, isn’t there?

It’s one of the best ways to “Broaden your Horizons” (quite literally)...  you get to meet fascinating new people, cultures, make memories with your loved ones, try awesome new things, literally see the world from other perspectives! Not to mention the zest for the life we feel from welcoming a new adventure. 

And our personal favorite, crossing things off the bucket list! 

Our Co-founders Rob & Sibel are adventure fanatics and as such designed and sourced the best products that would empower this kind of lifestyle. Card Genie came about out of love for adventure & learning to manage our money effectively…(Because we need money to make it happen) and has a mission to help others experience their best life adventure. 

Regardless of where you’re headed, whether it’s traveling abroad or just a weekend away in your home country, we suggest taking your Card Genie minimalist cardholder with you. 

Here are a few tips for making the most of your Card Genie along the way


Travel light - The minimalist style!

Do you still take a big fat bulky wallet or purse with you when you are traveling? Personally, I like to travel light and enjoy the feeling of being free and weighed down. Swap the bulky wallet or purse for a new minimalist cardholder could free up some space and allow you to enjoy a little of the freedom I was talking about. 

Guys... let me introduce you to our Minimalist Ejector card holder!

Isn't it a beauty! This is one of our hot favorites in our store and with good reason, here’s why:

  • Weighing in at only 63g, super-duper light and conveniently slips into your pocket, travel bag or even a clutch bag. 
  • What’s more, it is so easy to use, just slot your cards in and bobs your uncle…(not literally..) Storage facility here maxes out at 6 cards, making it easy to keep all your cards in one place and safe whilst abroad.
  • But what’s super cool about this cardholder is how it organises and displays your cards... Let me explain, once your card is slotted in, there is a little slider button at the bottom of the cardholder, slide this… and waaaalaaa… your cards popup in a cascade style showing you all your cards so it is very easy to choose the one you want … Talk about being organised… 
  • Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium for quality and durability with a classy sleek eye-catching grey brush metal finish! 

TOP TIP - If you would like to own one of these, Card Genie has a special offer for new customers on this wallet. New customers can get 50% OFF. Simply enter your email here so we can send you a discount code and other great deals that we have.


Peace of mind - The invisible ninja forces protecting your cards while you relax.

In the olden days… (Ok, not so long ago!) the only worry we would have around our money getting stolen is being picked pocketed... Who remembers that?  I remember once I was in a supermarket and had my Hugo Boss wallet pickpocketed without me even knowing… but I had a weird pick pocketer - he or she literally posted me back my driver’s license and related ID cards but just not my Bank or Credit Cards!! 

This isn’t the threat to be worried about anymore... 

In our current world, since the boom in the use of contactless cards, there are new ways thieves can attempt to steal your money - By hacking into your contactless cards from anywhere up to 1.5m way .. (so you wouldn’t even have a clue). They do this using the radio frequency your card uses to broadcast your payment information … that’s why it works when you just tap it! 

With all our Card Genie ranges, we have ensured that we employ the best magicians to cast a spell to protect your cards…. Ok, just kidding.. We didn’t find a magician. But we did find the best technology that blocks the radio frequency waves your contactless cards are broadcasting. 

So we got all of our cardholders not just looking sleek & sexy…. But built to protect your money too! Keep where it belongs... In your pocket! 

Our customers often feedback in their reviews about how they feel safer using their card genie on their adventures! 

"Brilliant product, as a London commuter I now feel safe carrying contactless payment cards without the fear of someone stealing my details in a very busy city or whilst travelling." - Katie

Be the Trendy one in the Pack… 

Style confidence is an interesting game… It has a way to boost our overall confidence because of how people perceive us! One of the common themes in our reviews from our customers is how they love that people always get curious when they pop out their new cardholder as they are paying for the bill… Questions like… “What’s that?” “That’s pretty cool, where did you get it”. 

It really creates a little buzz! And leaves you feeling boom!  Style confidence on lock!! Be the trendsetter in your pack with our Card Genie wallets! 


Our Top Picks

Are you truly ready for your adventure? 

Here are our picks for the best Card Genie to take with you for the road… 

Xite Metals - Yes you probably guessed this one, right?  But we still had to make it our number #1 pick. 

Here is why... It’s totally different from the conventional cardholders which differentiate your style but are also small, light and easy to carry. They are multi-functional (carry cards & a little cash). They also come in a neat gift box which makes them super cool gifts, the perfect way to win the Best Gifter Prize this holiday season! 

Luxe Leathers  - It’s important to feel confident with your accessories... If you are a fan of leathers, then these are for you! 

Here is why.. These are minimalistic in design but crafted from high-quality leather to give that luxury finish and boost your style confidence. They also come with that powerful magic spell to warn off those contactless card thieves .. (Yes, we mean the contactless card frequency blockers!). 

Mix & Match - The Genie Bundles 

If you are like me... love the feeling of the holiday season but dislike the shopping with a strong passion! Then here is a quick holiday season shopping hack for you! 

Here is why... We have created The Genie Bundles to make it easier to tick people off the gift list and make some savings in the process!! We got you! Enough said... Right? 

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Now we are curious...Do you carry your Card Genie with you when you travel? If so, which do you use?  Are they any best picks we missed? 

As always, we’d love to hear from you!

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