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Black Leather Card Holder Wallet | Slim with RFID Blocking - 5 Cards


"Absolutely LOVE this card holder! High quality leather and premium packaging. 5 stars!" - Elle, Card Genie Customer

Contactless card protection trusted by thousands of customers across the world.



Protect your money from contactless card hackers

Feel secure and maintain peace of mind at all times - Championing financial wellbeing for all!

The first card holder brand in the world championing financial wellbeing for all. All of our card holders come with in-built RFID protection to prevent unauthorised scanning of your cards, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your finances are protected. Try us today and feel the peace of mind and confidence our card holders can bring to you everyday.

Fits seamlessly into your bag or pocket

The minimalist credit card holder that frees you from bulky and heavy purses or wallets

You can carry up to 5 of your favourite bank cards and notes in this Card Genie. Made from premium grade leather, a durable card holder that's slim and lightweight - The perfect combination.

Access any card easily, right when you need it

Identify your cards easily on both sides of this card holder

The unique design of our card holders gives you hassle-free access to your cards, with easy access card slots on both sides of this wallet. You've got places to be, so we make using your cards fast and easy. This is the easy access card holder you've been looking for.

Our Philosophy


We reject the message that financial wellbeing and financial success is just for the lucky 1 percent. Instead, we believe that everybody has the potential to attain this through the right awareness, tools, habits and behaviours.  


In society we are often led to believe that financial stress is just something we have to live and ‘put up’ with - We disagree.

We feel it's time to redefine our relationship with money into something more positive. Our signature RFID protection card holders is how we began making a difference. Providing a simple solution to feel more confident and secure about your finances every day, by protecting your cards from unauthorised scanning.

We invite you to join us on the journey to spreading financial wellbeing to all!


We are so certain you will love your Card Genie that we offer a 1-year warranty with each purchase.


Do you ship worldwide? And How long does shipping take?

We currently ship to the UK, EU and USA. We are working on expanding the countries we ship to.

UK - Free Shipping over £30

Royal Mail standard - 3-4 working days - £3.52

Royal Mail Expidited - 1-2 working days - £4.59



International Tracked - 5 working days - £9.97

Please note any customs or duty taxes are payable by the customer



International Tracked - 3-17 working days - £9.97

Please note any customs or duty taxes are payable by the customer

What is the card holder made out of?

Its made up of premium-grade leather.

How many cards does this card holder hold?

It'll hold up to 5 cards and small amount of folded cash.

What are the benefits of using this card holder?

  • It’s minimalistic and takes less space which is lighter and easier to carry around than a bulky wallet or purse


  • For those sitting on their bulky wallets, you are at risk of developing misalignment in your back and suffer from lower back pains. Swapping to a slim wallet that you don’t have to carry in your back pocket will prevent that.


  • Blocks contactless card fraudsters from stealing money from your cards


  • A smashing style statement without having to say a single thing!

How do I take care of my card holder?

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe clean if becomes dirty
  • Can apply cleaners that are specifically made for leathers