Gift boxed, with love.

Nothing shows your appreciation better than a perfectly packaged, well thought out gift.

Whether it's a birthday, the holiday season, another special ocassion... Or just to say 'thank you'...

You can count on us to deliver all of our card holders in gift boxes that you can wrap easily with anticipation.

Our Luxe Leather Collection is also specially designed for gifting. Each card holder is nestled in a premium pull tab gift box with silver embossed logo and a beautiful storage dust bag.

A truly unique gift.

Everybody loves opening a gift to find something stunning and unique!

If you're looking for something different that will stand out, our metal card holders are the perfect gift.

A sure thing for gifting somebody who loves standing out and looking stylish!

The gift of peace of mind.

All of our card holders come with RFID blocking tech, which prevents unauthorised scanning of cards.  

Thousands of our customers buy our card holders to give their loved ones peace of mind, knowing that their cards are protected from unwanted scanning theft.

Whether it's a loved one going travelling abroad, off to university, or constantly out in busy areas, this is the perfect gift to help protect their finances!