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Just as our watches, shoes and bags make statements to the world about us - So do our wallets. If like 3 out of 4 of us, you're following the masses with an old bulky wallet or purse that doesn't reflect who you really are when you take it out to make a payment (Or worse, doesn't even protect your cards from contactless fraud) then it's time to upgrade to a Card Genie metal wallet.

Our metal wallets are designed with you in mind and embody a modern, minimalist, sophisticated style to not only make you feel like the person you want to become next time you get the bill but also protects your cards 24/7 with RFID blocking smart tech.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Carries up to 6 cards

UPGRADED INTERIOR - Longer lifespan

RFID TECHNOLOGY - Fraud scan protection

STYLE STATEMENT - First impression matters






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Decided to buy this after seeing a programme on how easy it is to have your contactless cards scammed. Delivered early ideal for peace of mind when out and about shopping, Fits into back pocket can carry up to 6 cards, ideal product.

I absolutely love this rfid wallet. It arrived quickly. The quality is far better than expected and is very well made using high-end solid components. It looks really good, is of a premium-feeling heavy weight and is of solid build.


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