Our Story

In 2016, we started CG to disrupt the outdated card holders of the traditional industry. Empowered by our first 50,000 users across the UK & Europe, our original rfid blocking card holder range set us apart by bringing you innovative, quality and minimalist designs at fair prices.

We are inspired by the dreamers and leaders who live life fearlessly on their own unique terms and our designs embody this very essence. They are built for taking charge of your financial security, so you and your loved ones can share the benefits of peace of mind.

At the heart of everything we do is the premise. - LIVE BETTER.

It is what inspires everything we do and create!

Our Products

We believe in serving our customers by delivering on-trend card holders and metal wallets designed with enhanced security features to protect you from modern world contactless card hacking . The demand of our users dictates our entire product development process. We’re so confident you’ll love what we do that we offer a 1-year guarantee on everything we make and a 30day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Our Mission

We are founded on the belief that peace of mind is the key to our personal freedom. Finances play a big part in our lives, yet present some of the biggest challenges we face. Our goal is to change the way you feel about your financial security and empower to you take control of your financial life. We do this by delivering premium rfid blocking wallets and financial training tools all at a fair price.