Who we are

Card Genie is the first card holder brand in the world championing financial wellbeing for all.

Everything we create is designed to increase your confidence around personal finances and to help you bring a feeling of peace to a topic most people dread - Money.

Created by our founders, who themselves experienced a plethora of challenges around finances and overcame them, Card Genie stands by the belief that everybody has the potential for financial success and wellness!

Our product line began with our RFID card holders that help bring you peace of mind and confidence by protecting your cards from unauthorised scanning.

The Card Genie Philosophy

We reject the message that financial wellbeing and financial success is just for the lucky 1%.

Instead, we believe that everybody has the potential to attain this through the right awareness, tools and behaviours/habits.

In society we are often led to believe that financial stress is just something we have to live and ‘put up’ with - We disagree.

We feel it's time to redefine our relationship with money into something more positive.

And we invite you to join us in doing so!