Card Genie

Slim Leather RFID Blocking Card Holder - 6 Cards

  • Luxurious Premium Grade Leather
  • RFID Smart Tech built-in - Block thieves scanning your cards
  • Looks & feels classy
  • Carries 6 cards with room for notes
  • Your style statement on hand!


Just as our watches, shoes and bags make statements to the world about us - So do our wallets. If like 3 out of 4 of us, you're following the masses with an old bulky wallet/purse that doesn't reflect who you really are when you take it out to make a payment (Or worse, doesn't even protect your cards from contactless fraud) then it's time to upgrade to a Card Genie slim wallet.

Our slim wallets are designed with you in mind and embody a modern, minimalist, sophisticated style to not only make you feel like the person you want to become next time you get the bill but also protects your cards 24/7 with RFID blocking smart tech, so you can have that peace of mind... It’s time to invest in yourself!


The sleek, minimalist, sophisticated design and leather finish make this product unique and stylish. Be the leader and trendsetter of the pack. Once you get noticed with it, expect to pique curiosity.


Our slim wallets are built around both style and durability. So choosing the best leathers was as important as creating the best design.


It’s simple, the best way to keep safe from contactless fraudsters is to store your contactless cards in an RFID blocking wallet. Our slim wallets protect your cards from radio frequency waves that your card emits so they are not detectable by fraudsters devices.


Easily holds 6 cards with room for notes. All whilst maintaining a minimalist and lightweight profile, so it’s convenient to carry and use.


0.1 x 2.9 x 4.4 Inches


6 card holding slots


Premium-grade leather


59g (¼ of the weight of an iPhone 11)


We are so certain you will love your Card Genie that we offer a 1-year warranty with each purchase.


Do you ship worldwide? And How long does shipping take?

Yes, we offer tracked shipping worldwide*


Royal Mail standard - 3-4 days

Royal Mail express - 1-2



Standard Tracked - 3 to 10

Express Tracked - 3 to 5


*We currently are not shipping to Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Iran, North Korea, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Syria, Yemen.

Please Note: All orders placed to UAE, Qatar, Orman and Saudi Arabia need to include a PO Box as a part of their address. This is a requirement for the local postal service.

What is the card holder made out of?

Its made up of premium-grade leather.

How many cards does this card holder hold?

It'll hold up to 6 cards and small amount of folded cash.

What are the benefits of using this card holder?

  • It’s minimalistic and takes less space which is lighter and easier to carry around than a bulky wallet or purse


  • For those sitting on their bulky wallets, you are at risk of developing misalignment in your back and suffer from lower back pains. Swapping to a slim wallet that you don’t have to carry in your back pocket will prevent that.


  • Blocks contactless card fraudsters from stealing money from your cards


  • A smashing style statement without having to say a single thing!

How do I take care of my card holder?

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe clean if becomes dirty
  • Can apply cleaners that are specifically made for leathers